Terrestrial Black Box (TBB)

ShadowTech Labs’ patented technology provides investigators with forensic data immediately after an attack to allow for the rapid capture and neutralization of the building/planning/financing cell responsible for the attack.


• Designed in response to the attacks on US Diplomats and personnel in Benghazi, the Terrestrial Black Box (TBB) operates in a manner like an aircraft black box in that it gathers and stores data that is relevant to teams investigating a crash of an aviation asset

• The TBB is a data gathering, storage, and transport system designed not only to store data deemed critical to the end user, but to transmit that data immediately upon detection of a catastrophic event

• Data may be transmitted automatically based upon a pre-determined transmission pathway or covertly transmitted upon request to an authorized user at up to 500 meters away

• Stored data includes video from designated cameras, alarm sensors, access control data, security radio transmissions, entries logged into the security computer, etc.

Security Applications:

• forward operating base (FOB), overseas base, embassy, consulate, critical infrastructure, etc.