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The VANGUARD Solutions Suite strengthens AOR Situational Awareness and immediate force protection by fusing tactical & technical solutions for various layers of defense. ShadowTech merges your security needs with the VANGUARD solutions to maximize your situational awareness, protect your assets, and allow for the most effective tactical response. The VANGUARD technology backbone is comprised of a robust, node-based system architecture with peer-to-peer network connectivity and an integrated sensor array which transfers critical tactical intelligence to the Ground Commander.

The Vanguard Solution accomplishes this by:

  • Allowing individual team members to actively or passively detect, assess, communicate and interdict threats from anywhere in the mesh coverage via node-to-node communication
  • Enhancing small teams ability to command, control and communicate with response forces on the ground, manned assets, or remotely operated weapons with real time data
  • Creating additional layers of security (defense in depth) using a various array of plug and play sensors

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Sentinel/Advanced Video Patrol (AVP)

ShadowTech Labs SENTINEL: A rapidly deployable, modular, self-sustained, tactical Force Protection System maximizing your existing security force and reducing troops in the field. SENTINEL boosts tactical response through immediate detection and assessment of potential intrusions and threats. This sensor agnostic system offers 360 degree analytic detection and assessment coverage optimizing real-time situational awareness with presentation of critical data and Geo-accurate mapping.

Sentinel’s Key Benefits:

  • Force Multiplication
    • Deployment of the system in place of man power. Local or off-site monitoring location allows a single user to actively monitor and assess alarms/alerts from multiple SENTINEL and sensor locations
  • Modular & Scalable
    • Maximizes flexibility for deployment in any situation as the mission dictates. Net centric, expandable, modular, self contained, self powered
  • Deployment
    • Set up 1 Person @ 20 minutes
  • Robust Network
    • Encrypted Wireless, Cellular, and/or Hardwired, network communication.
  • Sensors
    • System architecture and design is sensor agnostic allowing any sensor to be employed and/or integrated
  • System Capacity
    • Single, multiple, or full site centralized system implementation
  • Value
    • Enhanced Situational Awareness, Force Multiplication, Frees up Personnel, Saves Lives

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VIRTUS, built on ShadowTech’s Vanguard architecture, offers an integrated full-site Command Center Security solution. This Command, Control, Communicate, and Computers (C4) system offers informed decision making through real-time situational awareness in any fixed or mobile security application. VIRTUS presents a consolidated common operating picture. This dynamic security platform displays live video camera call up, video sequencing, pre-and-post video alarm assessment, Geo mapping, sensor integration, access control, data management, and site communications. Virtus can be operated by a single system specialist.

Virtus’s Key Benefits:

  • Force Multiplication frees up Manpower through Enhanced Situational Awareness
  • Dynamic capability ensures and increases real time situation awareness
  • Allow individual to actively detect, assess, communicate and interdict threats with real time data
  • Maintain existing infrastructure or establish new infrastructure
  • Utilize new and existing video network infrastructure for existing, new, and future camera technology
  • Expandable to existing command and control
  • Employ in permanent, semi-permanent and mobile applications
  • Fully operational in highly harsh environments
  • Built to military specification
  • Provides immediate response force capabilities
  • Realize cost savings in replacing existing systems

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ITUS Force Protection Solution offers an “All-in-One”, Rapidly deployable Intrusion Detection and Assessment dual technology tower. ITUS is comprised of advanced active infrared sensors and thermal imaging cameras coupled with video analytic technology. ITUS provides a self-contained, rapidly deployable, tactical first line of defense. ITUS, force multiplies your existing security force and allows reallocation of man-power. It enhances the tactical response through immediate detection, assessment and communication of unauthorized personnel.

ITUS’s Key Benefits:

  • Rapidly Deployable
    • Self-contained, simple to setup and operate
  • Defense-in-Depth
    • Provides additional layers of security
  • Modular & Scalable
    • Maximizes flexibility for deployment in any situation as the mission dictates
  • Robust Network
    • Encrypted Wireless, Cellular, and/or Hardwired network communication
  • Integrated Sensor Array
    • ITUS offers integration with a wide range of approved sensors to ensure the highest probability of detection for each deployment specific application.

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Active Infrared Security System 509

The Active Infrared Security System IRG509 is designed to operate indoor and outdoor. This technology offers a proven track record and may be employed in challenging applications unmatched by other sensor technologies. The scientifically developed optics and electronics guarantee maximum performance and system longevity.

509 advantages include:

  • Interior and Exterior Applications
  • Multiple Beam Options, Scalable to Customer Needs from 20 cm (7.8 in) to > 4 meters (16 ft) Height
  • Environmental Class IP65
  • Detects Adversaries at Any Speed (walking, running, run/jumping, crawling, and rolling)
  • Insusceptible to Sunlight or other Light Sources and Changes in Temperature
  • Performance Rating > than 99.8%
  • Various Types of Tower Configurations
    • From 20 cm (7.8 in) to > 4 meters (16 ft) Height
    • Clear or Black Anodized
    • Powder Coated in RAL-Colors
    • Custom Designed Mounting Options
  • Integrate to Existing or New Security Systems
  • Precision Alignment Utilizing Advanced Adjustment Device IRG-100-A-L
  • Five Year Limited Warranty

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Active Infrared IDS

The IR Global Active Infrared Sensor is developed to provide perimeter security in any extreme environment including applications where other sensors are challenged.

IDS advantages include:

  • Low Cost Installation
  • Easy Integration into Existing Site Systems
  • Meets and Exceeds NRC Regulations
  • Low False and Nuisance Alarm Rates (FAR/NAR)

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Terrestrial Black Box

ShadowTech Labs has developed an unconventional approach to solving the VBIED problem. Our solution starts with providing high profile target facilities with a Terrestrial Black Box™ (TBB). The TBB cannot stop a VBIED attack, but it is designed to provide investigators with forensic data, immediately after an attack, to allow for the rapid capture and neutralization of the building/planning/financing cell responsible for the attack. Capturing or killing the critical elements of a VBIED making cell will significantly diminish terrorist’s capabilities reducing future threats to our facilities.

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